Albufeira do Kuando

Discover the natural beach located in the province of Huambo, Albufeira do Kuando, and see the stunning beauty that nature has to offer, discover what to do when you arrive at the reservoir.

Albufeira do Kuando is located in the province of Huambo, is a beautiful natural beach, found after the Ngove Dam and also emerged as a result of the construction of the same dam.

It has been one of the main attractions for tourists in the province, in addition to providing a beautiful beach and surrounded by green and wooded areas, Kuando beach is 15 km from the main municipality (Capital da Cidade).

What to do

Albufeira do Kuando is an excellent area for leisure, it is a recommended place to practice activities such as:

  • Individual beach, with family, friends or private.
  • Swimming across its length, and its waters are quite calm, without currents, this is one of the lovers of this sporting activity.
  • Boat trip to enjoy the natural beauty and better explore what the beach has to offer.
  • Go hiking in the forest.

Are you looking for peace?

The Kuando reservoir, for being outside the localities, far from the noise of the industrialized machinery of the city, is an excellent place for those looking to rest and achieve peace within themselves. It's one of those quiet places to read a book outdoors.

Albufeira is a must-see card that must be visited because it is an inspiring place for those who need space to reinvent themselves and get back on top of various situations in life.

Visit other tourist attractions in Huambo province

Huambo province is one of the provinces of Angola that has attracted the most tourists, also known as the clean city, in this city you can find several tourist attractions, such as the Moco Hill, Municipal Anthropological Museum, Huambo Regional Museum, Kavongue Forest Reserve, King Ekuikui's Tomb, Embala Ruins and others.

With this tour guide you can discover a real adventure in Albufeira do Kuando. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.

Have a good time!

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