Cabinda Regional Museum

Built in the 20th century, more specifically on May 18, 1986, the Cabinda Regional Museum is an important information system that preserves the history of the northernmost province of Angola for over 1 century.

The Cabinda Regional Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation and dissemination of the collective memory of the rich cultural history of the Cabinda province.

With an estimated collection of approximately 400 artefacts, the Museum faithfully represents the evolution of the history of agriculture, hunting, fishing, beliefs, values, habits and customs in the Cabinda region.

After a refurbishment and expansion intervention carried out in 2014, the structure went from 5 to 6 permanent exhibition rooms, where the historical evolution of the way of life in the region over the years is permanently narrated:

  • 2 temporary exhibition halls;
  • 1 Library;
  • 1 Administrative area;
  • Cultural animation area;
  • Area of scientific research and museography.

In addition, there are also meeting rooms and study rooms.

Main attractions 

The Museum receives about 100 visitors daily from different parts of the country and beyond, with the main focus on the student community, who seek information at the Museum.

Temporarily, some exhibitions are held with the main artefacts that make up the collection in order to faithfully portray the rich history of the region culture dating back to the 20th century.

A fact in particular increases the relevance and cultural importance of the Museum for the population of Northern Angola, it is the existence of pieces in the collection that portray the history of the people of Uíge and Zaire.

With the social function of preserving the cultural history of the region, the Museum is, and has always been, an important place that has attracted the most attention of visitors.

be sure to visit

When visiting the province of Cabinda, it is almost impossible not to marvel at the cultural richness and lifestyle of the population.

And, in that order of idea, there's nothing better than visiting the largest information system specializing in the preservation of the region's history.

The presence at the Regional Museum of Cabinda, guarantees an incredibly rewarding time travel filled with a lot of learning.

So, you know, if you're in Cabinda, don't miss the Cabinda Regional Museum.


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