AKC Hotel

Hotel AKC Category: Hotel Address: Rua do Porto Seco Location: Capalanca, Viana City: Luanda Telephone: +244 941 960 036 Email: Facebook Page: Nº Rooms : 38 Rooms,…

Binga Resort

Binga Resort

Binga Resort is the ideal accommodation for people who want to be in direct contact with nature. Far from the noises of the city center. O…

Boutique Lodge Sangano

Boutique Lodge Sangano

Boutique Lodge Sangano is a tourist complex located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Luanda. Find out more about the excellent services they have…

TGV Hotel Complex

Hotel Complex TGV Category: Hotel Complex Address: Rua Avenida Brasil, 126 Location: Praia do Compão City: Lobito Province: Benguela Telephone: +244 942 06 93 57 Fax: +244 272…

WK Hotel & SPA

WK Hotel & SPA Category: Hotel & Spa Address: Cela, Wako Kungo Province: Kwanza Sul Contacts: 926 922 540 / 919 292 402 Website: Rooms: 40 Standard, 6…

Executive Samba Hotel

Executive Samba Hotel – by Amorim Turismo Category: Hotel Name: Executive Samba Hotel – by Amorim Turismo Address: Rua da Samba s/n Estrada da Samba…

GR Hostel

      Activity Sector: Accommodation Name: GR. Albergaria Address: Talatona Location: Belas Province: Luanda Tel. (+244) 922240939 / 917897288 Email:

Turimar Business Hotel

Turimar Business Hotel Name: Turimar Business Hotel Category: Hotel *** Address: Av. da Independência,77, Restinga, Lobito Location: Restinga City: Lobito Province: Benguela Telephones: Reservations – 945566075 | General – 272222744 Email: | No. of Rooms: Twin and…

Hotel Baía

Hotel Bahia

The Hotel Baía is a hotel unit that offers a range of high standard services and an excellent environment for tourism and business.

Continental Hotel

Hotel Continental Category: Hotel Address: Rua Rainha Ginga, nº 18-21 Province: Luanda Telephone: (+244) 222 334 241/42/43 222 392 384 / 395 735 / 396 396 /…

Talatona Convention Hotel

Talatona Convention Hotel Category: Hotel Address: Rua Luanda Sul, Talatona City: Luanda Telephone: +244 226 424 300 Fax: +244 226 424 301 Email: Website: Nº Rooms: 201 Villages: 20…

Hotel Diamante Luanda

Hotel Diamond Luanda

Hotel Diamante Luanda is a hotel that offers a range of luxurious and comfortable conditions. Find out more about your location, your accommodations…

Hotel Ekuikui I – Huambo

Hotel Ekuikui I Huambo Category: Hotel Address: Torres Garcia Street, Cidade Alta City / Province: Huambo Location: 200m from the provincial government headquarters. Tel.: (+244)241225380 |…

Hotel Fazenda Cabuta

Hotel Fazenda Cabuta Category: Hotel Fazenda Address: Cabuta, 25km after Vila de Calulo, Libolo Province: Kwanza-Sul Contacts: +244 917910000 Website: .com/resorts/hotel-fazenda-cabuta/a-fazenda Rooms: 48 Rooms Services: Restaurant, Bar,…

Golai Hotel

Category: 1* Address: Estrada do Patriota Location: Municipality of Belas City / Province: Luanda Tel. (+244) 938393524 E-mail: Accommodation: 26 rooms, 4 suites (30…

Resort Bay Flamingo

Bay Flamingo Resort

Flamingo Bay Resort is the concept of rest and leisure. It is an accommodation that has stunning views, located on an island in Luanda. Find out…

Hotel Ritz Capital

Hotel Ritz Capital

Hotel Ritz Capital is a hotel unit that strives for comfort and quality for its guests, with the Ritz motto "Quality is with us".

Hotel Palácio Regina

Regina Palace Hotel

The Hotel Palácio Regina is a hotel that aims to offer excellent services to its guests and visitors.

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