Musselje Falls

Discover the Musseleje Fall and enjoy unparalleled natural beauty, listen to the noise of the waterfall, trees and animals around. Find out where this rare beauty of mother nature is located.

The Musseleje Falls are located in the Malanje province, the Falls is by far one of the places that has attracted the most attention of all who visit Malanje province in search of leisure.

Due to the natural beauty of the Musseleje Falls and the incredible leisure environment that the place provides, a visit to the Falls becomes unforgettable.


Located 21 km away from the famous Kalandula Falls, Mussuleje Waterfalls offer a calm and pleasant environment.

In addition to the incredible and immense green space and the clear water, the Falls provide visitors with a spectacular view and a series of other charms, such as the incredible diving in the clear clear waters of the river.

The journey of the famous Kalandula and Musseleje Falls is almost always guided by a group of children who are always in a good mood (typical of the population of Malanje), a fact that makes the trip to this enchantment of nature more attractive.

Along with the Kalandulas Falls, Black Stones of Pungo Andongo, Musselje Falls has been one of the great tourist destinations in the province of Malanje, over the years, given its natural beauty and the leisure environment it provides, it has been an almost must-visit place for anyone visiting Malanje.

main attractions

When visiting this place, the traveler has a wide variety of options to complement the magnificent leisure experience, such as hotels and restaurants, where you can sleep and taste some of the cuisine of the Malanji region and beyond.

Among the main hotels, the Hotel Palanca, which is a modern hotel located right in the center of Malanje city, the hotel has a beautiful swimming pool and many other attractions.

Last but not least, the Kalandula Inns stand out, an amazing place nearby that has a swimming pool and a fantastic view of the Kalandula Falls.

The clear water, the surrounding greenery and the beautiful landscape make the Falls a true leisure environment.

For those who visit this emblematic work of nature, they describe it as a divine work.

be sure to visit

Visiting Malanje province in search of leisure and not passing through the Musseleje Falls is obviously one of the worst mistakes one can make, when it comes to pure leisure.

For, the Musseleje Falls, from a tourist point of view, are characterized as being one of the most beautiful and charming places in the province of Malanje, configuring itself in one of the main points of the city, configuring itself as an obligatory stop.

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