5 Restaurants not to be missed in Luanda in 2021

Luanda is a very receptive and tempting city for those who like delicious food.

In this article you will find 5 restaurants not to be missed in 2021 in Luanda. Well, it is well known that the best people in the world are the people who love to eat.

1. PIMM's

restaurante pimms's luanda

It is a restaurant that has been operating in the Angolan market since the 18th of July 2000. PIMM'S offers the best of Angolan and Portuguese cuisine, with the motto “A Tradição dos Sabores” or PIMM'S is considered the best restaurant in Luanda according to Tripadvisor ranking

The service is excellent and personalized, with a very proactive, creative and dynamic team that is concerned with customer satisfaction in the first place. In addition to enjoying excellent varieties of dishes that PIMM'S offers, this restaurant also serves the best champagnes and wines in the world.

The restaurant has the capacity to receive more than 160 people, and has two rooms, both with terraces and with the support of a bar in each room,

There is also a service through which the customer can reserve a room for private events. This room has capacity to accommodate a maximum of 35 people.

Throughout the week, dishes of Portuguese and Angolan cuisine appear at PIMM'S, such as:

  • Gropuer Head Grill;
  • Tripe (Tradition of Porto);
  • Grilled Mufete Fish (Angolan Tradition);
  • Red Bean Stew (Transmontana Tradition);
  • Roasted Goat (Saw Tradition of D'Arga);
  • Veal steaks with saffron risotto and others.

Wine lovers, at PIMM'S restaurant, can enjoy renowned wines such as:

  • Old Boat;
  • Petrus;
  • Mouton;
  • Crystal;
  • Krug and others.

Location: Rua Emilio M'Bidi, nº 112, Bairro Alvalade, Luanda.

Service hours:

From Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm lunch

And 18:30 until 21:00 for dinner.

Saturday from 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm With take-way service

Note: But the bar remains open until 23:30


lookal mar - marisqueira - luanda

LOOKAL MAR was inaugurated on November 11, 2011, is a renowned restaurant that serves the best that there is in Angola when it comes to seafood. This restaurant belongs to the company LOOKAL OCEAN CLUB, which is one of the best nightclubs in the city of Luanda.

LOOKAL MAR is known for being Luanda's first Seafood/Premium Brewery, the seafood that is served in this restaurant comes mostly from the Angolan sea. The rest are imported, from Portugal, for example. The restaurant has conditions that allow some of the seafood from Portugal to reach LOOKAL MAR alive.

The restaurant is located by the sea, making it possible to enjoy the beach with friends and family. The space has a terrace with beach chairs, and all the conditions that make the customer feel privileged. When it comes to a good cold beer, this is the right place to enjoy the best beer in Angola “Cuca”.

Also noteworthy is the ASSADOR LOOKAL that offers the pleasure of tasting the best meats from Argentina and Brazil that are grilled in Angola.

The team responsible for the restaurant works with every detail in mind. Those who are inside LOOKAL MAR have free access to the ASSADOR LOOKAL and LOOKAL OCEAN CLUB.

Location: Murtala Mohamed Avenue, Luanda Island, full stop, Luanda.

Service Hours: Sunday to Saturday from 12:00h to 02:00h


cais de quatro luanda

Discover CAIS DE QUATRO a middle and upper class restaurant, known for its luxury and elegance, and also for having won several times the award for best Sushi in the city of Luanda.

The view it offers is one of its strongest attributes. Through the CAIS DE QUATRO restaurant, it is possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the Bay of Luanda.

The restaurant has a very rich menu serving over 100 different dishes. In addition to enjoying the best Japanese food served in Luanda (sushi), at the CAIS DE QUATRO restaurant you can also enjoy other delicious dishes such as:

  • Cod risotto;
  • Titty with garlic;
  • Tenderloin à quay for four with Diana sauce;
  • Grilled cuttlefish;
  • Paella and others.

Location: Avenida Murtala Mohamed, behind the Casa do Desportista, Cabo Island, Luanda.

Service Hours: From Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00h to 00:00h

On Sundays from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

On Mondays from 6:00 pm to 0:00 am


espaço luanda

ESPAÇO LUANDA is a restaurant that has been operating in the market since 2012, it is one of the restaurants that has been making the best dishes in Luanda. In 2015, Espaço Luanda won the competition as the restaurant that sold the most menus in the ”Angola Restaurant Week”.

What calls the most attention on the ESPAÇO LUANDA menu is the grilled meat that the restaurant has prepared for its customers. Some attractive points that draw attention when it comes to grilled meat are the following: fillet mignon, spare ribs, tar, rump, T-bone steak, among others.

Another gastronomic point of attraction at this restaurant is the picanha na stone, which is brought to the customer's table and grilled over a stone.

The fondue dish, which is also prepared at the customer's table, cannot be left out of this menu.

When it comes to fish, the suggestion is cod with bread. For those who want to combine everything in a single dish, you can order the mixed dish of land and sea, which is a dish that contains octopus, prawns, lobsters, fish, sirloin steak, and acem.   

In addition to a restaurant, ESPAÇO LUANDA has at its back a Hotel and Restaurant School, nothing better than providing the best in gastronomy and at the same time betting on human capital.

In the area of Hospitality and Tourism, this space is of great importance, as its training greatly contributes to providing the necessary specialization that national tourism so desperately needs.

In addition to teaching cuisine at the Hotel and Catering School, he teaches arts such as painting paintings. The students' works can be seen in one of the rooms of the ESPAÇO LUANDA restaurant.

During the weekends, enjoy a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the company of great Angolan and international musical stars who take to the stage of this restaurant.

Location: Rua do MAT, Talatona, Luanda.

Service Hours: Monday-Sunday from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm


restaurante la vigia luanda

Unlike the many restaurants mentioned in this article, the LA VIGIA restaurant deserves attention, as it is a restaurant that emerged as a space for selling food from the informal market. Today, thanks to its gastronomy, it has been attracting customers from all over the city and visiting several tourists.

The famous LA VIGIA backyard has two rooms, good music and very warm people who like to socialize. One room is at the bottom, which is the terrace in the backyard, and the other part is closed and air conditioned

The closed room is the quietest part of the restaurant, but customers generally prefer the outdoor space.

It is known as a traditional restaurant, as the food it serves and its decoration shows the authenticity of Angolan culture: as the people say, LA VIGIA “is a bwe a mwangole restaurant”

As for the menu, what has attracted the most attention from consumers at LA VIGIA restaurant is the grilled fish: when the customer arrives, he chooses which fresh fish he wants, the seasoning is made to order, and the fish is opened in half and taken to the grill. Very delicious, the fish usually have a large size, which usually leads some customers to share with friends and family.

As for drinks, LA VIGIA serves the best Portuguese wines, but what represents the LA VIGIA brand are the cold national beers that are served in this place, with emphasis on Cuca and Tigra.

Location: Rua Nicolau Gomes Spencer, Maculusso, Luanda.

Service Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00h to 00:00h

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