The 10 best beaches in Angola

Among the many beaches that exist in Angola, in this article there is a list of those that are considered to be the best beaches in the country in terms of natural beauty, water quality, leisure environment provided, as well as the public they attract.

A summarized list presents the 10 best beaches in Angola which are as follows:

1st – Luanda Island

THE Luanda island it is a spit of land and sand that extends in front of the Luanda Bay. With a 7 km stretch of beach, the island of Luanda it is just a few minutes from the center of the capital city.

The island is one of the main tourist destinations due to its strategic location, beauty, sand and waves that provide a good leisure environment.

Furthermore, the island is full of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, some of these bars/restaurants have private areas for customers..

2nd – Restinga Beach

Located at port city of Lobito, in Benguela, Restinga is a beach with the coast and the bottom covered with fine and soft sand, with a golden tone, the beach is very famous for its beauty and for the incredible leisure environment it provides.

Restinga beach is undoubtedly one of the cleanest and most beautiful in the country, it has similar characteristics to Luanda Island.

With clear waters and white sand, the place conveys a real feeling of peace of mind and connection with nature.

The place is more than suitable for taking the family on a weekend, which according to visitors, is an incredible experience, and almost makes you want to stay much longer in the place.

Leisure begins in the soft warm water and soft sand and extends to the various places of high luxury present in the vicinity of the beach, such as hotels and restaurants, with views of the sea, which convey an idea of infinite leisure.

Going to Restinga beach is synonymous with leisure and satisfaction, and, in addition to the charms of the sea, you can also enjoy the incredible natural work that is the Restinga.

3rd – Sumbe Beach

Sumbe is a beautiful and sparsely populated beach, located in the city of Sumbe, province of Kwanza Sul.

Known for its natural beauty, Sumbe beach has fine golden sand on the beach and at the bottom.

Due to the relaxing atmosphere and comfort that the beach offers, the place is suitable for spending a weekend with family or friends, in a truly relaxing and leisure experience.

Due to the charms and leisure environment provided by Sumbe beach, the place is suitable for evening walks and romantic meetings. The beach is essentially shallow, with the descent of the soft bottom, it becomes necessary to travel a considerable distance to depth.

This area features convenience stores, hotel units, restaurants, and much more. On average, prices are quite economical. All these details make Sumbe beach a truly incredible environment.

The beach is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best in the country, so visiting the site is almost a must, given the peace of mind that Sumbe beach provides to visitors.

4th – Praia Morena

Located in the village of Benguela, Praia Morena is a popular beach in the city, with a long, wide coastline.

The beach is by far one of the best in Benguela and is certainly among the top 10 in the country, whether for the beauty provided by the clean, transparent, pure and warm water during the beach season, soft white sand, and the incredible leisure environment that the place offers.

In addition to offering a pure and relaxing environment, the Morena beach is an excellent place for swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball, windsurfing, surfing or kayaking.

Among the various qualities of this incredible beach, the excellent conditions for relaxing with the family, enjoying the large perennial palm trees and other green spaces stand out.

To complement the incredible atmosphere of this magnificent place, there are numerous hotels and restaurants nearby.

5th – Sangano Beach

Sangano is a small and beautiful beach, located in the province of Bengo, 100 km from the capital Luanda. The estimated travel time is an hour and a half.

Sangano beach is a very quiet place, with incredible landscapes and warm water, providing a pleasant leisure environment that is more than conducive to being with family and friends.

The coast and the bottom are covered with fine, soft sand. Entry into the water is gentle, the sea near the shore is shallow.

To complement the incredible environment provided by the beauty and tranquility of the clean and calm beach, there are nearby hotels, restaurants, cafes, rental centers for swimming equipment and equipment for the practice of water sports.

Along the perimeter of Sangano, tall, evergreen trees grow, in the shade of which travelers rest.

All these factors contribute to the incredible peace and beauty of this incredible beach, which is absolutely one of the best in the country.

6th - Cabo Ledo

Located 120 km south of Luanda, Cabo Ledo is a wide cove located in the middle of the Quissama National Park, at Bengo province.

The vast extension of Cabo Ledo's beaches with transparent waters, the beauty of the immense cliffs surrounding a long stretch of white sand make Cabo Ledo a stunning location, also suitable for surfing and sport fishing.

The waves of Cabo Ledo are considered world-class, according to some sites of international surfing, therefore, ideal for those who want to learn the art of water sports on board.

In addition to the charm provided by the beauty of the sea, Cabo Ledo also has an inestimable historical value, as in 1648 the fleet that, coming from Brazil, reclaimed Angola for Portuguese rule, after seven years under Dutch domination, landed here.

To complement the magnificent leisure environment provided by the clear sea and an incredible stretch of white sands, in the vicinity of Cape Ledo there are an infinite number of incredible places such as resort, Bars and restaurants.

Cabo Ledo is undoubtedly the ideal place to go with friends, family or spend a romantic weekend away from the hectic atmosphere of the Angolan capital.

How to get to Cabo Ledo

Taking the road towards Barra do Kwanza, from Luanda, you will reach Cabo Ledo about 130 km later. Leaving early, the trip takes about an hour and a half.

7th – Mussulo Island

O Mussulo is another spit of sand near the city of Luanda, is a few kilometers south of the city center, and is over 30 km long.

The water here is even warmer than in the rest of Angola and there aren't any waves giving the impression of a natural sea mega lake.

Leisure starts right at the beginning, all because the best way to go to Mussulo is by boat, from the Benfica pier, or even at the maritime terminal in Capossoca.

In Mussulo you can find some resorts, but there are above all quite a few private houses (some ridiculously luxurious) with almost private beaches, with very few or no people.

Despite Mussulo being very close to the center of Luanda, the atmosphere is totally different, very relaxed.

Frequented by many tourists, Mussulo is considered to be a perfect place to escape the stress for a few hours and relax in the sun.

Along with this incredible proposal for relaxation, the beaches are obviously spectacular, with palm trees and warm water, providing a magnificent environment of leisure and comfort.

So you already know, being looking for leisure, comfort and warm waters conducive to an unforgettable afternoon with the family and beyond, Mussulo is a great alternative.

8th – Blue Bay

Located south of Benguela province, Baía Azul is 3 km long.

Its name is due to the strong blue waters of the region, Baía Azul is considered the “mother” of the beaches of Benguela due to its imposing beauty, making it one of the most important natural tourist destinations in the country.

Despite being very far from the city centre, Baía Azul is a very clean, clear beach, with a stunning blue sea, a real charm for leisure.

In addition, it has quality restaurants nearby with affordable prices and a mixed cuisine (local and international).

With super clean water, white sand and the magnificent leisure environment it offers, the blue bay is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Angola.

9th – Caotinha beach

When talking about the 10 best beaches in Angola, it is almost mandatory to mention the magnificent beach of Caotinha, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the country.

Praia da Caotinha is one of the most beautiful in the country, located in the Province of Benguela, which is recognized by a coast rich in beaches of rare beauty.

Praia da Caotinha, known for being a very beautiful and clean beach, is a small beach.

It is possible to reach it, skirting the Morro da Caota, an area well attended and much visited for its beauty and well-preserved nature.

In addition to the incredible beauty and well-preserved nature, Caotinha beach is very popular, due to its good location, being close to the city in relation to the others.

Stunning for its combination of rocks and transparent waters that make it an excellent spot for lovers of diving and sport fishing, Caotinha beach is a real charm, having been included in the list of candidates for the seven wonders of Angola.

So, if you are looking to combine leisure with charm, be sure to visit Caotinha beach.

10th – Farta Bay

Located in the province of Benguela, Baía Farta is a beach characterized by its natural beauty, provided by the shallow, warm and blue water, ideal for taking the family.

In addition to the shallow blue water and mild temperature, the beach is quite spacious and has mountains, rocks and restaurants nearby.

With a huge expanse of white sand, the location is perfect for a walk. Visited by many couples on their honeymoon, the place is classified as a very beautiful and perfect beach. For this and other reasons, it is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best in the country. For those who love to combine leisure with peace, it is almost mandatory to visit Baía Farta.

With this tourist guide you can enjoy a complete visit to the 10 best beaches in Angola. Please let us know if this article was helpful to you in the comments below.


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