Luanda Meteorological Observatory

The Meteorological Observatory of Luanda is a research center that provides information related to weather forecasts for the national territory and beyond. Discover the history of the Luanda Meteorological Observatory building, and much more.

The Luanda Meteorological Observatory is a consumer research project that operates in the old tower belonging to the first Cathedral of Luanda, built in the 15th century.

Located in the upper city, province of Luanda, in the municipality with the same name.

A large part of the country's growth in the most varied sectors is due to the impact provided by the Luanda meteorological observatory, which over time has provided accurate and pertinent information regarding weather conditions.

Information that is vitally important, as the weather conditions may or may not guarantee the good and correct functioning of literally everything around us.

This magnificent project has the support of renowned institutions in Angola, such as Banco Privado Atlântico, Grupo Zahara, Unitel, Sumol, Compal, ZAP and Odebrecht.

Getting to know the Luanda Meteorological Observatory

The Meteorological Observatory of Luanda works in a building with a great history that dates back to the 15th century, the aforementioned building was built on wooden pillars, with mud and plaster, having housed various institutions over time.

The building operated for 165 years as the first Cathedral of Luanda. From the 19th century (1881), a scientific research center was installed in the building, which supported the study of the climate in Angola, which began in 1857.

In the beginning, it was called the João Capelo Meteorological Observatory, who was a naval officer, vice-admiral of the Portuguese Navy, hydrographic engineer and meteorologist.

Until the inauguration of the Main Meteorological Center, at Luanda's aerodrome, the João Capelo Meteorological Observatory, was the command center of a network of stations spread across the provinces of Cabinda, Huambo, Benguela, Malange, Lubango, Moxico and Namibe.

All maintained communication, and through them the behavior of the climate and its effects both on the lives of populations and on productive areas were anticipated.

Main attractions

The Luanda meteorological observatory stands out in the upper city of Luanda for its emblematic structure as well as for its rich and passionate history, making it an obligatory stop for anyone visiting the city center of Luanda.

From a tourist point of view, it offers an incredible leisure environment, much due to its emblematic structure, history and beautiful view over the city of Luanda and the always wonderful sea.

In addition to this aspect, there are a variety of hotels and restaurants of great level as is the case of the Continental Hotel, Tropic Hotel and a hundred incredible places close to the observatory to complete the magnificent experience.

be sure to visit

The place is certainly a good option for a late-afternoon tour for those who are nearby, so visit the Meteorological Observatory of Luanda and live an incredible experience.

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