Amore Premium Gelato

Amore Premium Gelato

Amor Premium Gelato The preferred option in the Capital City of Angola, Amore ice cream parlors offer you cozy spaces with excellent views. Ideal location for…

Angola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week

Angola Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in Angola, this cultural event allows Angolan history to be shown through the collections of…

Baía dos elefantes

elephant bay

The Elephants Bay is a fascinating visit card that the province of Benguela has. A place with beautiful beaches and enchanting mountains. Know…

Barragem de Calueque

Calueque Dam

The Calueque Dam in its genesis was intended to regulate the flow of river water, the abstraction of water for agricultural activities as well as…

Belas Shopping

beautiful shopping

Belas Shopping is a renowned leisure center, with numerous commercial stores. It was the first shopping mall in Angola, opened in 2007. It is currently considered…

Black Rocks de Malanje

Black Rocks of Malanje

Black Rocks are strange rock formations that have been around for millions of years that rise high above the savannah that surrounds them. There are reports…

Centro Botânico do Kilombo

Kilombo Botanical Center

The Kilombo Botanical Center is known for its wide variety of trees, plants and flowers, the place is an important center dedicated to the…

Largo das Heroínas

Largo das Heroínas

The square is one of the main points of reference in the Angolan capital, being visited daily by several people, especially the student community.

Descobrir a Ilha do Mussulo

Discover Mussulo Island

Discover Mussulo Island, one of the best places for leisure and entertainment in the capital city, find out how to get to this wonderful island, discover the…

Farol do Lobito

Lobito Lighthouse

The Lobito Lighthouse was built in 1915 and is located on top of a mountain. Discover its history and find out why it was built…

Festival Sons do Atlântico

Atlantic Sounds Festival

Learn more about the Festival Sons do Atlântico, which is one of the biggest music festivals in Angola, with national and international artists, know where…

Fortaleza de Cambambe

Cambambe fortress

The Cambambe Fortress is a national monument of Angola, these ruins were built in the year 1604 by settlers and served as a base…

Foz do Rio Chiloango

Chiloango River mouth

The mouth of the Chiloango River is located in the municipality of Cacongo, Cabinda. It is richly surrounded by mangroves, with an ecosystem naturally surrounded by diverse species…

Gruta de Zau Evua

Zau Evua Cave

The Zau Evua Caves is a magnificent place formed by mysterious walls. In some caves the sunlight is piercing, and in others the…

Visitar o Mercado do Artesanato

Visit the Craft Market

The Mercado do Artesanato is a square that is located in the province of Luanda that sells several pieces of artistic works that represent the…

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